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It’s most likely the first time you’re planning a wedding, or the first time in a long time. And it’s also probably the first time you are buying flowers on this large of a scale. Speaking as a 2020 bride, I know it’s difficult to pinpoint what you can expect to allocate to all areas of your wedding when you first begin planning. The process of finding vendors that match your needs, aesthetic, and price range can be a time consuming process. (BTW, this is just one of the MANY reasons working with a wedding planner is a great decision!) As an effort to be helpful and transparent with prospective couples I’ve pulled together this post detailing what you need to know about wedding flowers and price ranges. If clarity around wedding florals is what you need- read on!

What SOULFLORA Is All About

Here is some background so you know where I am coming from. Most of the couples I work with allocate between $5,500- $11,000 for florals. The mission of my company is to provide artistic & gorgeous designs, a professional and stress free experience, at a fair price for both the client and myself & my team. The experience I provide is high touch. I don’t only want to talk about your flowers, but your overall vision of your event. The clients that I tend to work with value a seasonal esthetic, guidance from professionals (wether that is a planner or just myself), and creating a statement through the florals. If that’s you- you are in the right place!

I’ll be frank, I am not a cheap option to source flowers from. You can find flowers at a much lower price point, but know that you’ll be comparing apple and oranges. (Or tacky artificial wax apples and right off the tree, juicy, organic oranges, ripened to perfection.)

I know what a big role florals can play in setting the scene of your day and I take that seriously. I realize not every couple values the same things, but, for clients that values premium florals, a skilled & seasoned design eye, and a high level of service, I strive to go above and beyond your expectations for your flowers!

Start Here

I recommend a healthy allocation per 100 guests starts at $4500 for average designs. By average I mean what I consider to be beautiful & appropriately sized features for the space- not sparse, and not opulent. This estimate reflects a blend of specialty and seasonally appropriate blooms that my designs typically feature. After all, the types of materials used directly affect the look and feel of the pieces. Great care is taken to create the perfect combination for you and I’m uncompromising on that! Perhaps some areas of the day are very important to you, and in other areas, your needs are less. For example, you have no bridesmaids, but want to create a wow statement for the ceremony backdrop and have lovely medium centerpieces!

Add A Little Bit Of Spice✨

A heavier floral presence matching a more luxurious affair would be closer to $6500-7500 or more for a guest list of 100. Designs of this nature have a focus on premium blooms like California Garden Rose, Italian Ranunculus, local Peony or Dahlia, Premier Japanese and Dutch product. All elements of you wedding design are given much attention. Think specialty linens & chairs, custom paper goods, etc. Floral pieces are consistent through out all areas of the event and there may be grander installations for the ceremony, photo backdrop, seating assignment display. If this sounds like the plans for your day, and you’re expecting 200 guests, you may be looking at a floral allocation of closer to $13-15K.

Let's Break It Down

I like to break down the floral plan in to 5 main areas. It may be helpful to identify which of these areas are most important to you, and communicate that when we have our discovery call!

  • Personal Flowers

  • Ceremony Area

  • Cocktail Hour

  • Reception Space

  • Delivery and Set Up Service

Every weddings situation and needs are a little different. Sometimes decor for the cocktail hour or even the ceremony is omitted. Some couples have large bridal parties, and some have none. If you will be needing items for all areas, we would consider that full service. The delivery and setup costs fluctuate based on the scope of the event. These all factor into the plan and the price, which makes florals a difficult thing to generalize, and why I provide customized quotes based on your specific wants and needs.

To Sum It Up

If you value premium & seasonal florals, artful and distinct designs that make an impact, and a high level of service, SOULFLORA may be the perfect fit for you! The estimates I've given- $4500-$7500 per 100 guests- are based on typical peak season pricing per 100 guests. Please bare in mind that many factors such as the season, location, and guest count can factor into the overall total. This is why I work with you to provide a customized quote based on your wants and needs!

I hope this post empowers you to evaluate what’s most important to you and begin your floral plans! Still have questions? Use my contact form to get in touch, and if you found this post helpful, share this post with a friend who might need a little help, too!

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Menus- Ridgely Calligraphy

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