My Thoughts on Pinterest & The Best Way To Use It

Pinterest is perhaps the most widely used resource for wedding planning. It’s more than likely you’ve gone down a black hole of endless pins that are kind of sorta something related to what you originally started looking for, wether its recipes, home decor, traveling tips, etc. Possibly the worst offender of all- weddings.

Now, some wedding professionals hate Pinterest, and I get it. There is SO much content and a lot of less than accurate information. We often see the same 5 photos time after time from our clients, which can be a bit repetitive and doesn’t actually give us an idea of YOUR personal style.

I, however, really like Pinterest and I get a TON of my images for mood boards or shoots I’m working on from it. I think I have cracked the code to finding unique, inspiring images, beneath all the over pinned, average images from 5 years ago. I want to share this with you, so hopefully your experience can be more enjoyable and you can actually find inspiration that is INSPIRING!

#1 Not Just Weddings

Consider making a separate board of general images that you love, not just wedding content. If you’re considering venues in the mountains or by the sea, pin images of that setting and landscape. If you are super inspired by color, search for some photos of art that incorporate a color scheme you love. Maybe you’re thinking of adding some rattan elements. Pin photos of that texture. This can be super inspiring and offer a lot of insight to your creative team. Then, use that board as a reference when you’re searching through of wedding related content. When you find a pin, consider: Does this fit the light and bright, modern and coastal feel I love? If not, leave it! Which brings me to..

#2 Mindful Pinning

You know when you look back on your board and think, what was I thinking saving this photo? What did I even like about it? Well maybe it was the composition, maybe it was that one color rose, maybe the container, or the water goblets that are half blurry and not really in the shot. You won’t remember that, and it will confuse any vendors that are looking on. If you don’t overall love the image, don’t pin it- just find a photo where that perfect shade of green water goblet - or whatever- is the focus. Be selective and thoughtful. It is better to have 5-10 images of the stuff you LOVE, rather than dozens of images that are just ok.

#3 Utilize Sections

I did this for planning my own wedding and found it super helpful. What you can do, is create sections within your main board. My sections were: general colors/ vibe inspiration, location, flowers, tablescape inspo, invitations & extras, wedding outfits, cake style. This helps to keep each vision clear, and helps you to identify what exactly you liked about each photo later on.

#4 Follow Your Favorites

This is something I recently started doing that has really helped me find the unique content I’m looking for. Basically I find the people, blogs or publications that I love on Instagram, and go ahead and follow them on Pinterest. This gives me a steady flow of pins I’m probably going to be interested in, right to my feed. It also helps Pinterest to show me more accurate pins that are more inline with the content I am following and repining.

>>>Side note: Instagram is where the wedding world IS AT. Find and follow local professionals, and search through hashtags to find relevant, timely inspiration & find trends that are extremely current. Then, save those posts!

#5 More Like This

Maybe you use this feature, maybe you don’t, but its probably where I find the most gems! Once I find a photo that I really like, I scroll through the “more like this” pins that populate under it. I find the results are even more tailored than just typing in “pink disconnected arch” into the search bar. It seems like once you show an interest in a specific image, Pinterest is able to populate content that is relevant to that photo. This is how I get past all those, seen a million times, old & over done concepts and I’m able to show clients something a bit more unique, contemporary.

I do not claim to be a Pinterest expert, I’m just speaking from experience and what’s worked for me. I also realize that design elements and visuals are not everyone’s strong suit (as math is not always mine). It takes experience to pull together a unique and cohesive event, which is why the right event professionals such as wedding planners, floral designers and event designers are so important. Using Pinterest as what it is- Inspiration- and granting your trusted wedding professionals freedom to expand on your ideas, is truly the key to creating a beautiful, personalized event!

I hope these tips help you to sift through the weeds of Pinterest and find the beauty you’re looking for! Tell me if these tips are helpful the next time you go to search!


Photo Credits:

Photography- Katherine Brackman Photography

Planning & Concept- Susan La Reau Events

Floral Design: SOULFLORA Floral Design

Stationery: Empress Stationery

Venue: Glen Manor House

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