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Updated: Jun 25, 2020

Here's a bit about me, my story and my experience! Get to know me.

Photo- Sarah Wirth Photography Workshop- Ponderosa & Thyme Master Class 2019

I've been meaning to blog for a while now, with a little downtime I'm ready to give it a go. My goal with this blog is to give you valuable information surrounding flowers, weddings and my business and offerings! To start, though, I wanted to give you some background on me.

How did it all begin?

I grew up in the '90s, so I was outside basically all the time in the spring and summer. My mom and aunt were avid gardeners and would take me on plant nursery and greenhouse tours throughout Massachusetts and Rhode Island. I didn't always love being stashed in the back seat surrounded by plants, for an hour plus ride home, but I did love roaming the nurseries which felt like a beautiful jungle to me. I always had a strong tie to nature going on countless walks in the woods, nature camp sessions and adventuring everywhere we went. When I wasn't outside (or even if I was) I could often be found drawing, painting, sculpting or always doing some kind of crafts. (Again, thanks to my mom who is an artist.)

Next Steps

After I attended elementary & middle school at a private school, it was time to choose which high school I would attend. I had been riding horses for 6 or so years at that time, and could see myself being more involved with that, even eventually being in the equestrian business. This is what led me to Norfolk County Agricultural High School. This technical high school offers a very rare experience for students to gain knowledge, skills & experience in fields relating to animals, plants, mechanics and agriculture. It was here that I was first introduced to floristry, or the floral design industry. I chose a concentration in natural resources and floral design in my junior and senior year. "The Aggie" also offered a program to intergrate practical work experience, which is how I landed my first job in a flower shop.

The flower shop is truly where I saw floral design as an art form and how much flowers connect people. It is also where I saw space for myself in entrepreneurship. Over the several years I worked there I grew my knowledge and skills of design, sales and customer service. The knowledge I gained there has been the base I have built my practices on, while growing my skills, expanding my services and adjusting with the times. After 5 years there I sought more specialized experience with weddings and events.

Early Flowershop Bridal Bouquet & Boutonniere

More Recent Years

Since leaving the flower shop in 2017 and joining on a powerhouse wedding & floral design team, shoutout the AMAZING Beach Plum Floral & Event Design, I have honed and perfected my skills and design aesthetic. This specialized experience has prepared me in so many ways for my own business. I have attended several workshops including one with Semia Dunne of Flowers by Semia, and a Master Class with Katie Davis of Ponderosa & Thyme. It is very important to me to continue to deepen my understanding of design. Floral and business education is a passion of mine. I currently keep up to date by listening to floral, wedding, and entrepreneurship podcasts, connecting with other wedding/ floral pros and practicing. When I'm not flowering for business I truly LOVE designing for myself, exercising and pushing my creativity & expression. My style has evolved from classical and safe, to lush and full, to artistic and a bit more true to the form and gesture of the specific blooms. I'm sure my design style will continue to evolve as I grow.


Photo- Jon Reindl Photography

Now that you have the behind the scenes look at my journey- allow me to touch on a bit about my business today. Being a business owner has long been a dream of mine. Now that this is a reality and I am growing my business, I try to put all my experience into best serving the couples and clients I work with. In the projects I accept, it is important that I am always true to my art and myself. I hold my designs to a very high, specific standard of quality and aesthetic, knowing that is why my clients come to me. As a small operation, I typically only accept 1 event per weekend, allowing the maximum time and dedication. My hope is I can use my art to express their hearts, influence their atmosphere, and create beauty to be shared and beheld by all that see it. For those that come to me with a vision, I offer the expertise to execute. For those that need me to weigh in, I offer the eye for design and knowledge to develop a unique look that is not only beautiful and contemporary, but feels like you!

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