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Seasonal and soulful floral designs that set the scene and surround you with beauty on your wedding day. 



SOULFLORA  is dedicated to providing a high level of service and personalized experience for our clients.

Our clients are provided with florals that make a statement, create the environment and  contribute to the overall feeling of the event, while keeping the look and feel consistent with the season and setting. I use my unique eye & style, to create artful designs. Each arrangement, as different as they may be, echos the refined organic style you see in my work. 


Our process includes high touch floral planning to ensure the It is important for me to know the client, the tone and the emotion behind the occasion for me to create and deliver the perfect floral pieces, just for you


As an artist whose medium comes straight from nature, I feel a tremendous responsibility to respect and protect the Earth. Care is taken to source sustainable, local & USA grown blooms, whenever possible. This is by no means the easy way, and not always the most economical, but I am committed to doing my part for the health of this planet & its' inhabitants. 


As a professional, I continuously expand my knowledge and learn new and classic techniques to best serve my clients. SOULFLORA continues to come up with new offerings such as group classes, holiday wreaths & arrangements, local pop-ups, and more! 

The beauty, presence, and meaning of flowers can effect us emotionally on a deep level. I believe that because flowers are literally rooted in nature, they are a tie to the natural world that is hard to come by in the hustle and bustle of these busy, modern times.

Wether an event, wedding, joyful or somber occasion, flowers nourish your soul.

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